Why not vaccinate your dog against loss by a simple injection of a unique microchip bearing a number which is registered for life with an international company.

If ever a dispute about a pet’s ownership arose then the Identichip would confirm who the true owner was.

Microchipping for your dog is something we strongly recommend. The procedure is very quick and simple, and can be performed during a routine appointment or if your pet is being admitted for routine surgery, such as neutering. A small microchip is implanted under the skin on the neck via an injection. The chip carries a number which is detected by a hand-held scanner, and registers the dog to you.

All lost animals are now routinely scanned by council pounds, police, rescue centres and veterinary practices. If your dog is identichipped, you can be rapidly identified as the owner via a central computer, and contacted immediately.

‘Chipping’ costs a one-off payment of usually £20. This registers your dog for life, and provides you with peace of mind should your pet become lost.

19th January 2008